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Cigarettes that cure.

So I was a smoker for many years and have now been in the smoking cessation industry for many years, I thought I had seen and heard it all but clearly I was mistaken. At the Griya Balur Clinic in Indonesia smoking is being openly touted as a cure for cancer, emphysema, and many other ailments. I can honestly say that if this clinic were anywhere else in the world it would in fact be shut down. Indonesia is however one of big tobacco's new frontiers in trying to replace its decreasing profits in the west. Poor regulation together with billions of dollars flowing into the country from Big Tobacco however ensure that institutions such as this will never be challenged. The treatment itself is absolutely bizarre. People with emphysema are treated by having "divine smoke" blown into their lungs through a tube, while smoke is also blown into the ears and nose of the sufferer. The founder of the Clinic, Dr. Gretha Zahar claims to have treated 60000 people with tobacco smoke in the last 10 years. Having a PHD in nano-chemistry she believes that by manipulating the mercury in tobacco she can cure all disease, including cancer. She even claims to be able to reverse the aging process. She also believes that there is no need to subject her theories to clinical tests or publish them. To add to this disillusion a pharmacology professor, Aris Widodo of the Brawjaya University i Malang testified in a case saying that he had never heard of anyone dying from smoking, in fact in his opinion he believed smoking was good for you. This testimony was heard in a case where tobacco farmers and legislators were challenging a law that recognizes the leaf as being addictive. According to the WHO smoking rates have risen 6 fold over the last 40 years. Smoking kills more than 400 000 Indonesians a year. Yet Indonesia is the the only country in Asia not to follow the WHO's framework on tobacco control. Its almost as if Big tobacco are pulling out their antiquated marketing techniques and are recreating the 50's image of smoking being cool, sophisticated, even healthy. I find it not only strange that this mentality remains in some society's today but also that it is acceptable.

Added by: Admin   |   15 Aug 2011