Return on Investment

The reasons why more and more companies are investing in smoking cessation programs that actually stop their employees smoking is:

  • To increase the productivity of their workforce which increases profits. An employee who smokes experiences an average productivity loss equivalent to 19 working days a year compared to a non-smoker.
  • To correctly implement their company no-smoking policy. The correct implementation of a company no-smoking policy is essential to prevent dissatisfaction and disruption. Problems, that can lead to unhappy employees, decline in productivity and sometimes even the loss of key staff members.
  • To reduce the stress in the workplace. It is common knowledge that there is often tension between non-smoking employees and smokers because of unauthorized smoke breaks. Also, although most smokers believe the opposite, non-smokers are less stressed than smokers and smokers who stop smoking, become more capable of handling stress.
  • To improve their corporate image by stopping employees smoking at entrances, exits, and stairwells which creates a negative perception.
  • To harness the gratitude and additional company loyalty that smokers and their families feel towards employers that help them to stop.
  • To reduce employer and employee insurance premiums and health costs.
  • Most of our clients recover the cost of our service six-fold or more!

Download our Cost Calculator - don't take our word for it, do the sums for yourself.
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