Why Allen Carr's Easyway is No.1 in the world

The following list illustrates why Easyway is so successful and you will notice that the last point is an unrivalled world first.

  • The method works and has a 30 year international track record with unrivalled documented success rates.
  • A unique money back guarantee is offered by all the Easyway Clinics (over 150 clinics worldwide) and makes Allen Carr the only organisation prepared to "put their money where their mouth is."
  • The method is quick and easy (the majority of smokers require one 5 hour session).
  • The method is drug free.
  • Our corporate service is used by Microsoft, KLM, BMW, IBM, Marks & Spencer, BP, Sony, Mobil, Virgin Atlantic & Woolworth's, to name a few and includes our unique guarantee.
  • Insurance companies that use and endorse Allen Carr's Easyway Clinics to their clients are Pruhealth (U.K.), Discovery (SA), ACHMEA (Holland with 2.7 million members insured) and Bundesverband der Betriebskrankenkassen or BKK. (Germany with 10 million members insured).
  • The method is also available in the international best selling book "Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking" which is a non-fictional best seller in 8 countries, the number one best selling book in Norway (6 months after it was introduced and it outsold Harry Potter), over 12 million copies have been sold worldwide and it has been published in over 23 languages, including Afrikaans.
  • Erich Kellermann (Allen Carr Germany) presented a three hour Television version of the Easyway Method (supported by the German Government's Minister for Health) broadcast on RTL's NTV Channel (the German equivalent of CNN) on January 1st 2004. The Head of RTL (the biggest broadcaster in Europe) sent his personal congratulations to the project team and it was hosted by Germany's biggest breakfast TV presenter. The program was watched by 1.8 million viewers. This is 3 times the usual viewing figures for the channel and "unprecedented" for a news channel (other than at times of war or crisis.). The project was sponsored by AXA.

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