All smokers are aware that they need to stop smoking or vaping for health reasons. Covid-19 is just another very important reason to stop. What smokers are normally not aware of is that the very best reasons to stop are:

  • to reduce stress and improve concentration
  • feel more relaxed and energetic
  • to strengthen your immune system
  • to improve mental health and lower the risk of dementia
  • best of all, to be freed from constantly feeling guilty and angry with themselves because they are still smoking

The Covid-19 crisis means we are no longer able to offer Easyway Clinics at venues countrywide. The great news is that Easyway Clinics have been successfully presented as Live Online Group Seminars for over 2 years in our USA, UK, and Australian markets. This Easyway Clinic format is an essential requirement for Allen Carr SA in order to help smokers in geographically remote areas and the roll out of this capability was scheduled to coincide with the launch of 5G later this year. Due to Covid-19, we launched the South African online clinic service on the 1st of April 2020. Clinics are available throughout SA to any smoker that has an acceptable internet connection.

Allen Carr South Africa has been presenting venue based Easyway Clinics countrywide for over 20 years. Easyway Clinics presented as interactive, Live Online Group Seminars, comfortably satisfy the same requirements for excellence and quality. This enables us to continue to offer our unrivalled money-back guarantee and post clinic support. Our fee structure remains the same.


Thirty-five years ago, Allen Carr put out his last cigarette and stopped smoking easily and permanently. What he had discovered turned out to be the most successful way to cure all addictions and he called it Allen Carr’s Easyway. It works by correctly activating the addict’s inborn mental capability of effectively modifying any behavior. This activation is achieved by destroying the addict’s belief that they are dependent on the drug which is the root cause of the addiction. The result is the desire to smoke disappears and the main problem, the mental addiction, is cured.

Today the Easyway Clinic network spans the globe in fifty countries around the world, including South Africa. Our unrivalled success rates supported by independent, published studies, make Allen Carr’s Easyway Clinics the only smoking cessation network able to offer a genuine money-back guarantee.


It is the fear of stopping that prevents smokers from succeeding. Give us a proper opportunity to remove that fear and you will stop. If you do not, we will refund your fee. My team and I look forward to seeing you in an Easyway Clinic, you have nothing to lose.

Dr. Charles Nel


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