Our Therapists

Dr Charles Nel

CEO and senior therapist for Allen Carr South Africa

Dr. Charles Nel, a South African dentist working in London, was a 40 a day smoker for 18 years and thought he enjoyed every puff. He stopped once for six months using willpower and it was the most miserable six months of his life. He got to the point that a lot of smokers get to, where he thought to himself “I would rather live a short happy life, than a long miserable one.” He started smoking again.

After hearing about the London Easyway Clinic he was extremely sceptical. However, after meeting a number of people who had not only stopped smoking, but were happy not to smoke, he attended the clinic. He stopped immediately and permanently after the first session and found it easy and enjoyable. He has been a happy non smoker for 18 years.

Charles subsequently successfully applied to become the master franchisee for Allen Carr in South Africa. After completing the training to become a therapist, he opened the Cape Town Easyway Clinic in Claremont in February 1999. He is responsible for developing the Easyway Clinic network, throughout South Africa. He currently operates clinics in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Charles also started Conifer Books which publishes Allen Carr’s best selling book “The Easyway to Stop Smoking


Malcolm Robinson

Senior therapist / Director of Digital Marketing for Allen Carr South Africa

Malcolm Robinson was a 30-40 a day smoker for 20 years. He knew that his smoking was costing him a fortune and destroying his health and therefore new that he wanted to stop but it seemed like an unattainable goal.

Every time he tried to stop he failed miserably and started to reside himself to the fact that he would be a smoker for the rest of his life. It was soon after his last failed attempt that a friend referred him to the Allen Carr Easyway method and as they say the rest is history. Not only was it easy for Malcolm to stop, it was also enjoyable. Malcolm was so impressed with the ease of his own success that he felt he needed to share the experience with as many other smokers as possible. He sold his business at the time and successfully acquired the franchise for the Eastern and Southern Cape. Malcolm currently operates clinics in Port Elizabeth, East London and George.

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