The method

Allen Carr’s method is unique and totally the opposite to all other methods that concentrate on telling smokers why they shouldnt smoke. Smokers do not smoke for reasons that they shouldnt but rather for reasons that they do. Allen Carr’s Method is the first method to examine the real reasons why smokers smoke. He discovered how the smoking trap works and that it’s not a lack of willpower that makes it difficult to stop smoking, but a conflict of will. His method removes this conflict so that the smoker does not have to use any willpower to stop or remain free. Once the smoker understands completely how the smoking trap works, then by following a few precise and simple instructions, the physical withdrawal becomes easy to manage.

How Does It Work?

The actual physical withdrawal from nicotine is slight and is a feeling very much like a hunger for food. Smokers recognise it as a feeling of “emptiness” or “something missing.” The real trauma smokers suffer when they try to quit is the mental feeling of sacrifice and depression caused by the belief that they are being deprived of a genuine crutch or pleasure.

All smokers know that smoking is unhealthy, expensive, and anti-social. So what keeps them smoking even if they would rather stop?

The answer is FEAR. Fear that they will:

  • Be unable to enjoy life and cope with stress
  • Be unable to relax and to concentrate
  • Be unable to enjoy social occasions
  • Have to go through some terrible period of trauma to get free
  • Always be miserable without cigarettes and that the craving will never go

All these fears arise out of the very powerful illusions associated with smoking and nicotine addiction. Illusions like smoking helps smokers to relax and concentrate, smoking helps to relieve their stress and boredom.

The Allen Carr Method works by logically and scientifically destroying these illusions by educating the smoker about the true facts about how the smoking trap works. As soon as a smoker understands and believes that actually they will enjoy life more, concentrate better, be more relaxed, be better able to handle stress and that the craving will go completely, the fear of stopping disappears. When they subsequently realise that actually they are giving up absolutely nothing, it requires no willpower not to smoke. The method also allows the smoker to realise that provided they understand completely how nicotine withdrawal works and they follow a few simple instructions, that they will find it easy to manage and can actually enjoy the whole process.

More simply, Allen Carr’s unique method is the only method that effectively destroys the psychological addiction to nicotine or the need or desire to smoke. This is done while the smoker is still smoking and creates an understanding and frame of mind that makes nicotine withdrawal and unwanted weight gain easy to manage as well as removing completely, any feelings of deprivation.

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